About The Project

RankMe Coin is a blockchain based peer-to-peer ranking platform for eSports tournament play that supports a global online community of gamers with prize money, players perks, and cryptocurrency rewards. RankMe Coin combines the best from the eSports gaming industry with the programmed certainty of blockchain technology.

RankMe Coin is one of the first cryptocurrencies to seek registration with the SEC to provide a new level of security to cryptocurrency investment through a dual token design. RankMe Coin is one of the only cryptocurrencies with a primary purpose to fulfill the needs of eSports users in a digital space.


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  • August 2017 - RankMe Coin Born

    Executing on an idea as substantial as RankMe Coin requires a team of experts across multiple fields. Engineers, economists, attorneys and global communities are all required to solve key problems and build the platform. RankMe Coin’s core team was established in August 2017 who worked together to plan the project and develop this whitepaper.

  • November 2017 - Public Presentation

    RankMe Coin was unveiled to the public at the ICO 2.0 Summit, a forum for the discussion of SEC guidance for ICO projects. RankMe Coin then presented to angel investors in Los Angeles. Through these presentations feedback was received and incorporated to refine the product and vision.

  • March 2018 - Seed Funding Round

    Funding from a core group of 100-member owners round to raise capital to complete the project’s preliminary objectives. This seed funding round was will be capped at $1 million. Investment will be used to register RankMe Coin Certificates with the SEC as a security, enabling RankMe Coin to be one of the first blockchain projects to register with the SEC. Individuals who fund RankMe Coin at this stage will receive certificates when the blockchain is created at a rate higher than during the public ICO.

Road Map

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  • Q2 2018

    Launching the token pre-sale
    Platform Development Stated
    Team Assembled
    Daily Tournaments – Prize money payouts

  • Q3 2018

    SEC Reg Approval
    Launching the token crowd sale (ICO) and getting listed on a top exchange. Sponsorship & Advertising Modules Launched

  • Q4 2018

    Beta Launch
    $6M Contributed on Token Sale Phase #1
    120K Registered Players
    20K Registered Teams

  • Q1 2019

    1.6M Players & 800K Teams Registered
    First Smart Contract & Blockchain Test Network Launched (Compensation Payment form Team to Players)
    Premium Accounts for Players and Team Launched

  • Q2 2019

    3.2M Players & Book Teams Registered
    Basic Modules for Players & Team Management & Analytics Launched
    Basic Tournament Modules Launched
    Smart Contracts for Player Transfers

  • Q4 2019

    500 Tournaments
    1000 Sponsors and Advertisers Registered
    Smart Contracts for Sponsors & Advertising Payments
    $250M Total Token Turnover in USD Equivalent

Executive Core Team & Board Members

Don Goode

(CEO & Board Member)

Don created his first Joint Venture back in 1975. In the decades that followed Don strategically applied similar formulas into projects such as Entrepreneurial Training, Surf City Cancun and now most recently in the RankMe coin for Online eSports Tournaments.

Michele A. Wilson

CMO & Board Member

Michele is an entrepreneur, business solutions strategist, bestselling author, and speaker. She has worked in the legal, banking, insurance, real estate and the online industries. Michele was nominated for The University of Phoenix Distinguished Alumni Award in 2017 and 2016 Women’s Summit Los Angeles Business Journal.

Don Dvorak

(CFO & Board Member)

Beginning with a childhood full of gaming and then skateboarding his way through an achievement filled college life at UCSD and owning the award winning multi-disciplinary financial service company.

Ryan Hawkins

(CSO & Board Member)

Ryan takes an analytical and data driven approach to solving complex problems. At Apartment List, Ryan focuses on monetization of the product and uncovering new verticals to optimize revenue channels.

Michael Moll, Reitium

(Board Member)

A technology and community-obsessed visionary, Michael has created, implemented and launched 3 successful startups in the last decade. In 2017 he was hand-selected to pitch one of his apps on the Canadian startup TV series, Dragon’s Den.

Advisory Council Members

Butch Chelliah


Butch is one of the Top Business Leaders and Visionaries in the world today. He has Trained over 5+ Million Sales Professionals all over the world and continues to transfer his Sales and Marketing Strategies today to Thousands more each week.

Steering Committee

  • Saul Quiroz

  • Marquez

  • Alfred Clemesha

  • Jim Burton

  • Trayte Boswell

  • Reed Johnson

  • "Double D" Waldrep

  • Mark Boswell

  • Donner Goode