About Rank Me Coin

We bring eSports beyond the viewing angle of your computer chair - we bring eSports to your fingertips, to your mouse, to your keyboard, to your console - to you the gamer.

Evenly ranked matchups for tokens is just around the corner.

We are creating an eSports ecosystem for gamers, influencers and sponsors to seamlessly integrate and bring eSports to the forefront where it belongs. Come join us in this journey!

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  • Unique Ranking System Allowing Even Matches Through Blockchain
  • Winner Verification through blockchain; No more self reporting
  • Automatic Tournament Payouts Through Blockchain + Smart Contracts
  • Tokens Stored in Your Digital Wallet for Use on RMC Marketplace, AMICO Platform and can be Converted to NSG Coins.
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Read Our Whitepaper

Here is our white paper to dive deeper into what we're doing. Please feel free to contact us with any questions.

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Here's what we offer.

  • Daily tournaments of your favorite Gaming titles.
  • Prize pools using RMC1 utility tokens.
  • Increased efficiency in prizes dispensed.
  • Opportunities for influencers to partner and host tournaments.
  • Opportunities for sponsors to partner and host tournaments.