About Us

Evenly ranked play for prizes is what makes Rank Me Coin unique. Here’s what we mean:

Imagine walking onto a basketball court and having Lebron James challenge you to a 1 on 1, first to 20 points, each of you puts in $5 and winner takes all.

Would any of us take that challenge?

Some might, but would it be a fair competition? NO! 99.99% would never have a chance, it was never a fair competition to begin with.

At Rank Me Coin we created a vision for a different scenario, a better world for all gamers, well, except the ones exploiting lower skilled players in matches, you know who you are with your smurf accounts, we see you!

Here is what we envision over here at Rank Me Coin, what if you walked onto the basketball court and Lebron James was there, but before he could challenge you to a match an official came up and told you - ‘I have chosen a competitor for you who is similarly skilled and is willing to compete for prizes’.

Wouldn’t that be great?


Wait, but don’t existing games already provide evenly matched systems based on levels?

Not like this they don’t - Rank Me Coin offers so much more - we offer the chance to be rewarded in tokens for evenly matched competitions!

The RMC1 Tokens will have the ability to be used on the enormous AMICO platform - a giant online marketplace with ever increasing opportunities for token uses.

We can’t wait for you to join us in this exciting journey providing the gold standard of evenly ranked competitive play for prizes to all gamers.

Unranked beta-tournaments are starting soon and as our beta-tournaments are underway we are in the process of building out a robust ranking system game by game. Every game you play brings us closer and closer to our vision of evenly ranked matches for all.

Head on over to the Play Now page or Buy Coins to enter the arena with us!

Executive Team

The visionaries that brought Rank Me Coin to life.

Don Goode
Chief Executive Officer & Board Member
ryan hawkins
Ryan Hawkins
Chief Operations Officer & Board Member
Donner Goode
Chief Gaming Officer & Board Member
Brian Penney
Brian Penney
Vice President, Business Development & Board Member
karen callahan
Karen Callahan
Vice President, Investor Relations & Board Member

Advisory Council Members

Butch Chelliah
Top Business Leader and Visionarie
don dvorak
Don Dvorak
Founder Shaker and Mover Society, Inc.
Michele A. Wilson
Founder of Velocity Group Global Inc.
tammy mcdonald
Tammy McDonald - AXIS Game Factory
Rapid Level Development Toolset
eric tippetts
Eric Tippetts - NASGO
Global e-Commerce on the Blockchain
bryan went
Bryan Went
mota coin
Mota Coin
Scalable and Stable Currency for the Cannabis Industry
michael mall
Michael Moll, Advisory
Chief Technology Officer + Co-Founder, Retitium.com
reid johnson
Reid Johnson
Amazing Gaming LLC
tim sullivan
Tim Sullivan
Shark Energy Drink