How It Works


Did you know that RMC1 tokens have more than just one use? If you viewed the info-graphic above we know you knew that!

Don’t worry if you didn’t read it, but you really should go read it, seriously, it’s an info-graphic, you barely even have to read - it has pictures!

Ok, now that you’ve gone back and read it here’s how you can use your RMC1 tokens.

Using Your RMC1 Tokens

Rank Me Coin Marketplace

Tokens can be utilized on the soon to come RMC Marketplace to purchase gift cards, avatar skins and more.

NSG Coins on AMICO

RMC1 tokens can be exported to your NASGO wallet and then converted into NSG coins through the AMICO platform. You can utilize the offerings of an ever growing list of businesses through AMICO with your coins.