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2018 Q1
Business Plan
  • Think Tank Formalized
2018 Q2
Executive Team Assembled
2018 Q3
Legal Entity structure and formation
  • Partnership with NASGO to post RMC on a top exchange
  • Formed Board of Directors
  • Strategic Partnership Campaign Funded and Launched
2018 Q4
Beta Launch
  • Registration for RMC accounts opens
  • Launch of Global Tournament Series - 300 tournaments
2019 Q1
Freemium Model Implemented
  • EABA construction begins
  • RankMe Coin Marketplace Launches
2019 Q2
Live Stream Partnerships Launch
  • Sponsorships Launched
2019 Q3
Franchise Partnerships Launched
  • SEC Regulation Submission
  • Token Sale
  • Smart Contracts for Player Transfers
2019 Q4
500 Tournaments Monthly
  • 1000 Sponsors & Advertisers Registered
  • Smart Contracts for Sponsors & Advertising payments
2020 Q1
Expansion into Europe
2020 Q2
Expansion into Asia

* Note the roadmap is a working document and is subject to changes.